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Available Now: THE WELL (Includes an Excerpt)

Finally, it’s release day!! I’m so excited about this new book. The Well is a novel of paranormal suspense featuring professional ghost hunters, a haunted house, and the mystery of a missing girl. Scroll down, down, down (past the blurb) for an excerpt.

Twenty years after prom queen Cassie Kennedy is brutally murdered, six teenagers break into the house where she was killed to hold a séance. Haven knows his cousin Elise only wants to scare the crap out of him and his friends, but he’s willing to put up with one of her pranks if it means a chance to spend a few hours with the new kid in town, Pierce Hunter.

But when morning comes, Elise has disappeared without a trace.

Twelve years later, Pierce and his twin brother Jordan are professional paranormal investigators, starring in their own ghost-hunting TV show. When Pierce calls Haven, insisting they return to the supposedly haunted building one last time, Haven reluctantly agrees. He’s nervous about seeing Pierce again, but he’s determined to get some answers. Did they really speak to Cassie’s ghost that night? What happened to Elise? And the biggest mystery of all – how did she know the secret of the well?


Paperback and audio coming soon.

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Excerpt from Shotgun (Available for Pre-Order Now)

Shotgun, the latest book in the Coda series, is only one week away. The decision to return to Coda wasn’t an easy one, and now that the release is imminent, I’m both thrilled and terrified. I thought I’d kick off the weekend (a bit early, perhaps) with a quick excerpt. 


Shotgun2As a young man, Dominic Jacobsen already suspects he’s gay, and he gets all the confirmation he needs when a rich boy from out of town climbs into the back seat of Dominic’s GTO. One night with Lamar Franklin is all it takes to convince Dominic he’s found the man of his dreams. Unfortunately, that one night is all he’ll get before Lamar returns to Tucson.

Fifteen years later, Lamar returns to Coda, Colorado after ending the latest in a string of bad relationships. He’s alone, depressed, and plagued by late-night phone calls from an unidentified caller. Lamar’s ready to give up when he comes face-to-face with his past.

Since he was seventeen, Dominic has dreamed of a reunion with Lamar, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready for it now. Facing small-town rumors and big-family drama is bad enough, but Dominic won’t risk losing custody of his teenaged daughter, Naomi. The only solution is to make sure he and Lamar remain friends and nothing more. Clothes stay on, no matter what.

It seems simple enough. But for better or worse, Lamar has other ideas.

An excerpt is below (as well as preorder links). 🙂 

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Book Blast: My Heartache Cowboy, by Z.A. Maxfield

Today, I’m featuring ZAM’s latest release, My Heartache Cowboy. Be sure to check below the cut for an excerpt, and a giveaway!

My Heartache Cowboy

(Cowboy Series, Bk #2)

By Z.A. Maxfield


Can love conquer all?

Jimmy Rafferty and Eddie Molina go way back at the J-Bar ranch. They’ve worked together, bunked together, camped out, and drank together. So how has Jimmy failed to notice that Eddie is gay? Eddie has not failed to notice that his friend has a serious drinking problem, and he’s determined to help Jimmy kick the booze cold turkey.

Taking him up to a snowbound cabin to detox, Eddie is confronted with Jimmy’s fierce denial. But the pains of withdrawal are nothing for Jimmy compared with the heartache of denying his true feelings and his deep longing…for the one man who cares for him more than anyone else on earth.

Available for purchase at

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Free Stories, New Releases, and Excerpts — Oh My!

I’m attempting to make my blog titles more interesting, since I normally go with such catchy monikers as, “Update.”

How did I do?  😉

2013 is turning out to be a crazy year. The chaos started in February and will continue into July or so. Some of it has been bad (like seeing my father-in-law lose his year-long battle with cancer back in February) (on my 40th birthday, no less). Some of it has been good (like having a bunch of new releases!). I’m not sure how or why everything seems to happen at once, especially since I feel like I haven’t written anything in ages, but I guess that’s how things roll.

Family Man CoverFamily Man came out back in March and seems to have been well-received. As an author — and especially as one who tries not to obsess over reviews — it’s sometimes hard to gauge. Still, I have Heidi Cullinan (my co-author on the book) to tell me when something really great comes up, like receiving a starred review in the Library Journal! We were also selected as Smart Bitches’ Book of the Month for April, which was very exciting.

April saw the release of Flowers for Him, the story I co-wrote with Rowan Speedwell for Total E-Bound’s m/m anthology, Promoted by the Billionaire. The anthology can be purchased immediately from Total E-Bound. It will be available from Amazon and ARe on April 29th. I’ll post a (hot, steamy) excerpt at the end of this post. promotdbythebillionaire_800

Also in April was the gigantic ordeal with my dog. For those who are interested, you can read the story here. The good news is, this story has a happy ending! Jango is home. He’s fine. In fact, he has no idea how close he came to dying. And I am so happy I trusted my instincts and took him to the vet when I did!

Next week is RT. For those who will be there, I look forward to seeing you. Drinks are on me! 😉

My next Tucker Springs book, Never a Hero, comes out on May 13th. I’m so excited about this book! Maybe I’ll post an excerpt from that in a day or two. At any rate, for anybody who’s coming to RT in Kansas City next week, I’ll have a few advance paperback copies at the Giant Book Fair on Saturday, so track me down if you’d like to purchase one. NeverAHero_500x750

That brings me to June, and the release many of my fans have been begging for since August of 2010 — the sequel to Strawberries for Dessert. This one is called Fear, Hope, and Bread Pudding. I don’t have an exact release date or cover art yet, but I’ll share them here just as soon as I do!

Before I move on to that (hot, steamy) excerpt I promised you, I wanted to point out a couple of free stories I have available. Many people are already familiar with The Promise, which features Matt and Jared from Promises. I also have the story I wrote for last year’s Coffee and Porn Birthday Bash. It’s called Chapter Five and the Axe-Wielding Maniac. It’s not a romance, per se, but I think it’s kind of fun. Lastly, I have a vignette I wrote earlier this year called To Feel the Sun. This was supposed to be for an anthology, but it turned out way too short. I could have expanded it but the truth is, I kind of liked it the way it was, so I posted it here for free.

Now, as promised, here’s a fun little bit from Flowers for Him

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