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Baths: Fantasy vs. Reality

As readers and writers of romance, we’re all aware of how reality often doesn’t live up to fantasy. I have found this is never more true than when we’re talking about baths. Heidi’s husband Dan talked about this once, and I tossed in my two cents. But this morning, as I lay scrunched up in my tub wishing somebody would bring me breakfast, I found myself thinking about it more.

All too often, TV shows and movies show us this image of a woman luxuriating in a tub. She’s surrounded by candles, holding a glass of wine, possibly reading. Her hair is dry and lovely, her makeup unsmudged, and all of her lady-bits are tactfully covered by bubbles.

You know. This image:

It’s about as far from reality as we can get, and all I could think was, “It’s time to debunk this bullshit!”

Let’s start with all those damn candles. Either somebody had to light them for her, or she lit them AFTER she was in the tub. Otherwise, it means she climbed nude over open flames, and let’s face it, that’s a damn stupid thing to do. In reality, by the time you finish lighting all those candles, your water is cold, your bubbles are gone, your toes are pruny, your wine glass is empty, and you have to pee.

Of course, all that assumes you’re one of those lucky people with a giant bathtub. I don’t have one of those. My baths look more like this:

I can either submerge my body (minus the buoyant bits) and have my legs sticking up the wall, or I can have my legs in the water and the rest of me shivering against the side of the tub. Instead of candlelight and wine, I have cat hair and (if I’m lucky) a can of Sprite. At least in this house, I have my own tub. Before we moved, my baths looked like this:

What does this have to do with my books? Not a god damn thing. But man, the next time I see some goddess reclining in a luxurious sea of bubbles and rose petals, I just might have to shank a bitch.

To Feel the Sun

It’s my birthday, and I’m celebrating by giving away a brand new short story! This is a very short little vignette, only about 2700 words, but I hope you enjoy it.

You can download the PDF here.

Download the ePub here.

Download the mobi (Kindle-compatible) version here.

(I’ve never done this before, so I sure hope that worked!)

I’ll also upload those files to Goodreads once I’m conscious and have my kid out the door and on her way to school. Go here for the GR page.

Before you run off to read, I’d like to remind you of two upcoming releases: Family Man is due out from Samhain on March 12, and Never a Hero will be available from Riptide on May 13. Both of those are available for pre-order now. I’m very excited about both of these books, so I hope you’ll add them to your TBR shelf. 🙂

Thanks very much to all of my readers for your support over the last three years! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

The BIG Announcement (Some Of) You Have Been Waiting For!

You may have heard rumors. You may have wondered at my vague tweets. I’ve been keeping it under wraps until it was done, but I suppose it’s time to tell the world my dark little secret:

I have finished the sequel to Strawberries for Dessert.

(Insert happy screaming and champagne here.)

You know that last line in Strawberries for Dessert? The one you all keep reminding me of? The truth is, I’ve known the greater story surrounding that line ever since I finished the novel, but for some reason I never felt compelled to write it down. Then, back in October, I rode home from GayRomLit with Carter Quinn, and he convinced me it needed to be done. It was fun revisiting my boys, but nonetheless, this is the last book I have planned for Coda. I have zero intentions of writing further books in the series, so if you love Jon and Cole, make sure you thank Carter Quinn. This book never would have existed if it weren’t for him.

This is a 40k word novella. It’s called Fear, Hope, and Bread Pudding. Unless something completely unexpected happens, it will be available approximately June of 2013. I’ll share more details as they become available.