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Roped In Available for Pre-Order

RopedIn_TeaserGraham and his roping partner, Jackson, have been friends since they were boys. They’ve ruled the rodeo scene for ten years running, but lately, Graham’s heart isn’t in the game. He’s tired of the bruises, the cowboy mentality, and the animal rights activists who picket every event. He’s also tired of being in love with Jackson, and nothing’s been the same between them since their disastrous drunken encounter the year before.

Then Graham has a run-in with one of the rodeo protesters, and everything changes. Kaz is young, idealistic, and sexy as hell. But he’s also a know-it-all, animal-loving vegan, bent on saving the world one cow at a time. They have next to nothing in common, but Graham can’t stop thinking about what might happen if they can stop butting heads long enough to give it a try. Unfortunately, no matter how attracted Graham is to other men, he always panics and runs when the clothes start to come off. But Kaz has an idea for getting Graham past his nerves and into bed.

All they need is a bit of rope.

2nd edition* coming June 20th from Riptide Publishing. 


*This title was previously released by Amber Allure.

Summer 2016 Preview

 (c) Can Stock Photo

(c) Can Stock Photo

It’s May. My kid has only two weeks of school left, and then it’s summer vacation. It came on so fast this year, I’m completely unprepared. I’ve only written one thing all year (Making Waves, which I’ll talk more about later in this post), and summers are never productive for me, so I’m facing the fact that I’ll probably have a huge gap in releases after September of this year.

Some days I start to panic, just thinking about it. Luckily, I still have some great stuff coming in 2016, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to go over what’s happened so far this year, and what’s down the road.

TrailerTrash_400x600Trailer Trash, which I originally started way back in 2011 but didn’t finish until late last year, is available now. In many ways, finishing this book felt like coming full circle. It’s strange to me that I still have releases coming after it, because this felt like my curtain call. I’ve been telling myself for years that I couldn’t leave Cody and Nate unfinished. I just loved them too much to do that to them. Once they had their HEA, I felt like all my obligations were gone. (They weren’t. It only felt that way. But that partially explains why I’ve written so little since then.) If you haven’t read Trailer Trash yet, I hope you’ll give it a try. Here’s a quick run-down of what reviewers have to say:

  • Joyfully Jay said, “I absolutely loved everything about this story.”
  • Totally Booked said, “We highly recommend this coming of age heartbreaking and beautiful M/M read.”
  • Boy Meets Boy Reviews said, “I’m not sure if it was a case of the perfect storm of our current political climate colliding with these characters or if it was simply Sexton’s deft crafting of this story that did it for me, but I had a bad case of The Feels reading Trailer Trash.”

Between Sinners and Saints (which was originally published by Amber Allure in 2011) has been re-released. It’s been re-edited, but the content is unchanged. It’s also available in audio. This is a real slow-burn, friends-to-lovers kind of story, and for what it’s worth, it’s my husband’s favorite of all my books.

Never a Hero is now available in audio, and Winter Oranges will be released in audio sometime late this year.

Coming this summer:

DamnedIfYouDo300Damned If You Do

This was a really fun book to write. It’s sort of a wicked twist on The Devil Went Down to Georgia, but with some tent revivalists thrown in. And snakes. Lots of snakes. And just look at that cover! Damn, that man is hot. It will be released by Samhain on June 14, but you can preorder it here:


Barnes and Noble

Roped In (written with L.A. Witt)

This is another title that was originally published by Amber Allure. The second edition will be released by Riptide Publishing on June 20. It’s been re-edited. Do you need to buy it again if you’ve already read it? Probably not. There’s a tiny, tiny bit of new content (about a thousand words, most of them directly related to Kaz), but nothing too profound. The overall story is unchanged.

The Wrench Wars Series

Back in 2013, Lori Witt and I both committed to writing novellas for a Pax (a group of stories written around a central theme) for Amber Allure. The theme was “grease monkeys.” Lori and I decided to set our stories in the same garage. Those stories, Normal Enough and Wrenches, Regrets, and Reality Checks, were released in 2014. Once we learned Amber would close in 2016, we decided to take those two stories, rework them a bit, and add two more stories (one each) to make a four-novella set. They’ll be released by Dreamspinner Press this summer. The full series looks like this:

  • Last Mechanic Standing (new story by L.A. Witt), July 6
  • Normal Enough (re-release by Marie Sexton), August 3
  • Wrenches, Regrets, and Reality Checks (re-release by L.A. Witt), August 31
  • Making Waves (new story by Marie Sexton), Sept 28
  • Wrench Wars print anthology, containing all four Wrench Wars novellas, also available Sept 28, 2016

I’ll have covers for these very, very soon. (And speaking of hot cover models, the guy on Normal Enough is to die for. I can’t wait to share him with you.)

And because two of those stories are re-releases, I know those of you who read them the first time around will wonder if you need to buy them again. For Normal Enough, no, you don’t. For Lori’s story… maybe. She didn’t just re-edit it. She actually reworked it a bit, so… I’ll leave it up to you.

There are also several translations in the works, including Fear, Hope, and Bread Pudding in Italian, and Trailer Trash in French, but I don’t have exact release dates for any of those.

I won’t be at GRL this year. I’ll definitely miss seeing you all, but I had too many family commitments and just couldn’t make it work. For those anywhere near Colorado, I’ll be at Denver Pride, NoCoPride, and the Rocky Mountain Regional Gay Rodeo, all happening this summer. I’ll also be at WaveCon, next March.

Hubby and I are headed out tomorrow (May 16th) for a 12-day trip to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We’ll start in Seattle and work our way (slowly) down the coast to San Francisco. I’ll share pics on Instagram, and Twitter, and maybe even Facebook. But mostly on Instagram and Twitter, so follow me there, if you’re interested.

That’s all for now. I greatly appreciate every single reader who’s ever taken a chance on one of my books. I would never have made it this far without you. Thanks very much for your ongoing support. I hope you all have a fabulous summer. 

Never a Hero now available in audio!

Everyone deserves a hero.

NeverAHero_AudiobookOwen Meade is desperately in need of a hero. Raised by a mother who made him ashamed of his stutter, his sexual orientation, and his congenitally amputated arm, Owen lives like a hermit in his Tucker Springs apartment. But then hunky veterinarian Nick Reynolds moves in downstairs.

Nick is sexy and confident, and makes Owen comfortable with himself in a way nobody ever has. He also introduces Owen to his firecracker of a little sister, who was born with a similar congenital amputation but never let it stand in her way. When she signs the two of them up for piano lessons—and insists that they play together in a recital—Owen can’t find a way to say no. Especially since it gives him a good excuse to spend more time with Nick.

Owen knows he’s falling hard for his neighbor, but every time he gets close, Nick inexplicably pulls away. Battling his mother’s scorn and Nick’s secrets, Owen soon realizes that instead of waiting for a hero, it’s time to be one—for himself and for Nick.




2nd Edition of Between Sinners and Saints available for only $1.25

BetweenSinnersSaints_Ebook-400x600Levi Binder is a Miami bartender who cares about only two things: sex and surfing. Ostracized by his Mormon family for his homosexuality, Levi is determined to live his life his own way, but everything changes when he meets massage therapist Jaime Marshall. 

Jaime is used to being alone. Haunted by the horrors of his past, his only friend is his faithful dog, Dolly. He has no idea how to handle somebody as gorgeous and vibrant as Levi. 

Complete opposites on the surface, Levi and Jaime both long for something that they can only find together. Through love and the therapeutic power of touch, they’ll find a way to heal each other, but can they learn to live as sinners in a family of saints?

This title was originally released by Amber Allure in 2011. It has been re-edited, but the content is unchanged. 

Between Sinners and Saints is available on ARe, and it’ll be available on Amazon in the very near future, but if you buy it directly from my Selz store, you can get it for only $1.25. Use discount code 6CKYDJAC. (Offer expires May 1, 2016)


The Five Senses Blog Tour


The brain processes all the sensory information we receive and helps us to organise and understand it. We then respond through thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Receptors all over our bodies pick up sensory information, but for people who have sensory integration difficulties, this doesn’t happen automatically, and they may get stressed – or even feel physical pain – as they struggle to deal with all the sensory information coming their way.


Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. I’m so happy to be part of RJ Scott’s blog tour. I admit, my personal experience with autism is quite limited, and when RJ invited me to participate in her blog tour, I had no idea what I’d write. But the above quote made me think of writing Blind Space.

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Trailer Trash, and Conflicted Relationships with Setting

Last November, I attended a writing retreat with a group of local authors. It was fun and very productive, but there was one point where we were asked to name our favorite writer movies. I have to be honest: I hadn’t even seen most of the titles named. After doing a bit of research, I don’t think I’ll go out of my way to change that, either. I like my movies to be fun, light, and entertaining. The words “poignant” and “life-changing” make me run screaming. I took a deep breath and mentioned my favorite writer movie — Orange County — with a great deal of trepidation. Sure enough, nobody there had even heard of it, and I’m sure if any of them looked it up later, they dismissed it as being juvenile and silly. Well, it is, in many ways. But it also has some really great moments. It’s kind of goofy, which is part of why I love it, but there’s more going on underneath than meets the eye.

With the release of Trailer Trash only a couple of days away, I keep thinking about one particular quote near the end of the movie. It’s in this scene:

In case you don’t want to watch the whole thing, the quote is this: “Every good writer has a conflicted relationship with the place he grew up.”

Now, whether or not I’m a “good writer” must be left for others to debate, but the last half of the line really hit home for me. I spent the first eleven years of my life in a small town in Wyoming, and I definitely have a very conflicted relationship with it. In some ways, I love it. I have fond memories of certain parts of it. But in other ways, I hate it. It’s kind of a crappy little place, more of a giant truck stop than a town. Sometimes I miss it, and yet I wouldn’t move back for all the money in the world.

The place we moved to, Fort Collins, Colorado, was bigger and nicer than my hometown in just about every way, and for a teenager, it offered a world of opportunities, but I was very much a hick from the sticks. I knew very little about the broader world. It was 1984, and I didn’t even know who Madonna was, much to the amusement of my classmates. I’m not sure I even quite realized how clueless I was until years later.

Eventually, of course, I found my place. Not only did I go to junior high and high school in Fort Collins, I went to college here too, and I chose to stay after graduation. I bump into somebody from school at least once a year. Sometimes, it’s a nice reunion. More often than not, it’s uncomfortable as hell, and so I suppose even though I love Colorado, I have a slightly conflicted relationship with Fort Collins, as well.

TrailerTrash_400x600Why am I telling you all this? Because Trailer Trash, which comes out today, is the book born of my conflicted relationship with both of the towns I grew up in. I took my favorite parts of my hometown, and transplanted them into the fictional town of Warren, Wyoming. I also took the worst parts of my hometown, and amplified them by making the town even smaller and more isolated. And then I took some of the more aggravating parts of my teen years in Fort Collins, and tossed them into the mix. My primary goal in writing Trailer Trash was to capture the isolation and hopelessness of a dying town in the middle of nowhere, before the internet came along and made the world easily accessible to anybody with a computer.

But don’t let any of that fool you. Trailer Trash isn’t about me, and it’s not as depressing as it sounds. It’s a coming-of-age story about first love and first times and about finding hope in a place that seems to have none. And I promise, it has a happy ending.

Trailer Trash is available now. You can find it here:

Amazon Kindle

ebook from Riptide

Paperback from Amazon

Barnes & Noble


Cover Art and a Change of Plans

TrailerTrash2-JayAheer2015-finalimageFirst of all, I’ve had a change of plans with regard to Trailer Trash. Rather than self-publishing, I’ve decided to publish it through Riptide Publishing. The book will still be available in either March or early April, and it’ll still have this cover. (Although the blurb will probably be tweaked between now and then.)

I’ll post pre-order links as soon as I’m able.


Second, check out my gorgeous cover art for Damned If You Do!  (Scroll down to read the blurb.)

The path to temptation is paved with a hellish amount of paperwork. 


Soul acquisition is a drag, but if Abaddon doesn’t catch up on his quota, he could be demoted to scooping poop for the Hounds of Hell. With a deadline hanging over him, he heads for the Bible Belt, looking for the perfect combination of sweetness and challenge.

Seth is a blind musician, part of a traveling tent revival. He’s cute, mystically talented, and quotes the Bible at every turn. His soul is pure enough to fill Abaddon’s quota for months to come, and Abaddon is determined to claim it.

The problem? There’s the revival foreman who watches Abaddon’s every move. Then there’s the mystery of Seth’s many unusual talents. Lastly, there’s Abaddon himself. He’s beginning to like Seth a bit too much. Maybe Seth deserves something better than damnation.

But Hell’s agenda isn’t negotiable, and time is running out. If Abaddon doesn’t play his cards right, he could condemn both of them to the worst fate of all—an eternity apart.

Coming June 14 from Samhain Publishing. 

Winter Oranges is Available Now!

WinterOranges_400x600Man, I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this one! My whimsical little Christmas novel, Winter Oranges, is (finally) loose in the world. Early reviews have been wonderful. Check out what people are saying:

  • Open Skye Book Reviews says, “What an absolutely amazing, beautifully written, totally unique and gorgeous story we have here! Marie Sexton is a fantastic writer and she’s managed to one-up herself with this story. I think it stands as one of my favorite of hers and that’s saying a lot.”
  • Fan Girl Moments and My Two Cents says, “Winter Oranges is one of my top novels for this year and will also go in my all time favorites.”
  • Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous says, “Winter Oranges is one of the best reads I’ve experienced in 2015 and is the perfect holiday love story to snuggle up with. Five-plus stars!”
  • Just Love: Romance Novel Reviews says, “It was lyrical, magical, and romantic! But it was also completely immersed in reality, which I loved; a fairy tale for the real world!… An excellent story, and a beautiful, magical winter romance! Highly recommended, especially if you want a winter themed novel that doesn’t focus on Christmas!”
  • Boys In Our Books says, “”BLISSFUL!… By the end, my heart was full…and despite being listed as 325 pages, I did not want this book to end. Highly recommended for even the scroogiest of scrooges.”

You can find Winter Oranges HERE:

(I’m sure it’s available other places too! I’ll add those links eventually, I promise!)

Don’t forget, Winter Oranges is part of Riptide’s Love for the Holidays Charity Bundle. 20% of the proceeds go to the GLBT National Help Center.

And please follow along on the blog tour. We’re giving away two ebooks from my backlist, plus a $50 gift card to Amazon. (Click on the banner below, or scroll back one post for the schedule.)


Attention Cover Artists

I need a cover for a book I plan to self-publish in March 2016. I’ve worked with some amazing cover artists over the past few years, but I thought it’d be nice to have several options to choose from. So, to that end, I’ve decided to make a contest out of it and open it up to any and all cover artists who might be interested, whether I’ve worked with you in the past or not.

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