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Random Babbling

It seems like a good time for some random updates and babbling. I’ll be talking audio books, Twitter, idiotic Verizon commercials, and yummy chicken dinners. ūüôā


en_isell_1First of all, I’ve finally opened an Etsy shop. Some of you know I’ve had the bags and wallets I make on sale in my Selz bookstore, but the shipping options there are incredibly limited. Still, I’ve been hesitant to wade into Etsy, because I worry that my sewing just isn’t good enough, but after receiving encouragement from just about everybody I know, I decided to give it a shot. So, for those who are interested, you can find the bags and purses I make at¬†https://www.etsy.com/shop/MarieSextonBags.


Trailer Trash is now available in audio, narrated by John Solo. You can find that here:



Winter Oranges will also be available in audio sometime in the next few weeks.

Social Media Boycott

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30-Day Blogging Challenge, Day 26: I Have No Topic

Honesty, but at what cost?

So… this post was written yesterday morning, when I was sort of deep down the well of depression. I came home several hours later and about a million times happier, just from having been out of the house for a bit. I spent a while rereading this post, wondering if I should even publish it, because it’s sort of a rambling mess. But the truth is, it’s also honest. So in the end, I think I’ll go for it, but with the disclaimer that it’s a bit whiny and nonsensical and rather rough around the edges.

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30-Day Blogging Challenge, Day 18: Something About My Shoes?

Today’s topic is supposed to be about my shoes. I’m not even kidding. Many of you know how much I love shoes, but making a whole post about them seemed sort of boring,¬†so I’ve decided to go a bit more metaphorical.

Popular Conventions for Conventions

Irregular Choice
Irregular Choice

Anytime a conference or a convention rolls around, somebody trots out the usual old advice: “You’ll be walking a lot, so wear comfortable shoes.” Anybody who’s ever met me at a convention knows I never listen. It’s one of my¬†only chances to wear some of my funkier shoes, and I’m not about to pass that up. Wear your slippers or your Crocs if you like — to each their own! — but I’m pulling out my Irregular Choice, thank you very much.

In this case, I’ll go ahead and choose the less comfortable option.

But I’m not here today to talk about conventions, either. I want to talk about life. (And a little bit about social media.)

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No More Rainbows or Unicorns, OR: Becoming a Hermit

I’ve spent the last few months (since January, to be exact) writing and rewriting a¬†blog post that I never managed to publish. It occurred to me yesterday, after talking to a couple of my long-suffering author friends, that maybe the reason I couldn’t commit to the post was because I had the message all wrong.

And so, I’m trying again.

no-rainbow-pooping-unicornsIt’s no secret that I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with my career for a while now. I know authors are never supposed to talk about these things. We’re supposed to pretend like being a published author is all rainbows and unicorns. Maybe it is for some people, but it never has been for me.

I’ve been an avid reader my entire life, but gay romance is the only genre I ever wanted¬†to write. It’s the only genre I ever felt passionate about. The problem is, that passion has suffered a thousand painful little deaths over the years.

In previous versions of this post, I outlined¬†all the things that helped kill my love of writing: never-ending genre drama, the changing face of publishing, the fact that I don’t¬†write fast enough to stay afloat in Amazon’s current market paradigm…

TrailerTrash_400x600The list goes on and on, but after contemplating it for several months, I realize it doesn’t matter.¬†Those are all contributing factors, to be sure, but the real issue is simply that my heart is no longer in it. Not only is the writing gone, but the love of writing is gone with it. I simply have no desire to sit down and put words on the page. I’ve barely written a word since January. Even when I was finishing up¬†Trailer Trash, way¬†back in December, I suspected it would be my last book. I always¬†thought of¬†it as¬†my grand finale.

Well, it didn’t quite turn out that way. Certain developments (like one of my publishers closing) resulted in a few novellas releasing¬†this summer. [Damned If You Do,¬†Roped In,¬†Normal Enough, and¬†Making Waves]¬†I hope you’ll still check those out, because they’re fun little stories. And for those whose first language is something other than English, there are still a string of translations lined up for release down the road. But for me,¬†Trailer Trash¬†is sort of where it ends.

For now, at least.

Which brings me back to those blog posts I never managed to publish.

I thought maybe it was time to call it quits. That’s what every single one of those unpublished posts said: I quit. But I couldn’t quite commit because, as I said before, gay romance is the only thing in the world I’ve ever wanted to write. And so even though I haven’t been writing, the thought of leaving¬†completely scared the crap out of me. So instead…

I’m going on hiatus.

Making WavesWhat does that mean? Well, nothing really. I’ve already admitted that¬†I’ve barely written a word since January. Technically, I’ve been hiatus for the last eight months. But it felt like it was time to share it with the world. The way things stand right now, Making Waves¬†(which comes out in September) will be my last book for quite some time.

Will I be back?

I honestly have no idea. Only time will tell.

In conjunction with officially announcing my hiatus from writing, I’m suspending all my social media accounts. Yes, you’ll still be able to tag me on Facebook and @ me on Twitter, because deleting the accounts completely felt extreme. (Are you sensing a trend here? I have a hard time committing to anything.) But for the foreseeable future, at least, I won’t be active on either site. I will not respond to tags or tweets. I apologize in advance for being antisocial, but as I said in a blog post several years ago, I didn’t become an author so I could spend more time on Facebook.

The one thing I will continue to keep track of¬†is this website. I’ve never been a very active blogger, but I will continue to respond to comments on my site. (Except for the mean ones. I’m tired of those. I reserve the right to delete you if you’re only here to insult me.)

6dee48a6bd92a7b5bbc609128eef21a7I’ll also continue to respond to emails. You can always reach me at msexton.author@gmail.com. (I love receiving emails, as long as they aren’t the mean kind.)

Other than that, I’m going into full-blown hermit mode. I fully intend¬†to disappear for a while. I have no idea how long this will last. Maybe only another week or two. Maybe as long as a year.

Thanks so much to everybody who’s supported me over the last few years. I hope to see you all again on the flip side.

Gratefulness, and Apologies, and Promises

bad-bloggerI’m a terrible blogger. In fact, I think if you scroll back through my blog, you’ll find that most of my blog posts begin with that exact line. “I’m a terrible blogger.” And I’m always telling myself I should do better, and yet… what to say?

I know a lot of authors blog about craft, and that’s fine. But who the hell am I to try and tell somebody how they should or shouldn’t write? I don’t know nearly as much about the industry as I probably should, so I don’t want to write about that. I don’t want to blog about any of the random shenanigans that recur over and over and over again in the m/m world, or the wider romance world, because they mostly just bring me down. So, what does that leave?

59spdI guess it leaves me. And again, some authors are quite open about their personal lives, but I’ve never been comfortable doing that. Besides which, my life is boring. I taxi my kid around. I clean my kitchen. I forget about the laundry in the washer and then have to wash the load again. (Speaking of which… be right back!) But there is nothing about my life that’s exactly memoir-worthy, you know?

And yet the truth is, I’ve had a massive shift of perspective in the past few months. And at the risk of sounding trite, it occurred to me yesterday — and continues to astound me today — how truly grateful I am to be here, right at this point in time, at this stage of my life. Summer is drawing to a close, and¬†fall is sneaking in. Right now, it’s raining outside, and thunder is rolling off the mountains. I turned off the AC (finally!) and opened the windows and exchanged my shorts for yoga pants, my flip-flops for thick socks, and all I could think was, “I’m so ready for fall!” I’m ready for football and pumpkin patches and soup simmering on the stove. (Not that I’ll actually cook any. I’m dreaming of soup elves.)

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