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My Plans for 2017 (including upcoming releases)

I think I’m way overdue for a blog post. If you happen to be one of my sponsors on Patreon, none of this will be news, but for everybody else, I thought I’d let you know what’s going on, and share my plans for 2017.

Coming May 22

The Well

First of all, in case you missed it, my novel The Well will be released in just ten days! This book does have a romantic subplot, but it’s less romance, and more paranormal suspense.

It’s funny, because it seems like every single time I write a book that isn’t a traditional contemporary romance, some review site always says, “This is Marie’s first departure from contemporary romance.”


Just for the record, my first “departure” from contemporary romance was all the way back in 2010 when I published One More Soldier, which was set during the Vietnam War. My first “departure” into scifi/fantasy was Song of Oestend, in 2011, which was sort of like steampunk set in a paranormal AU Old West. So I’m a bit confounded when I see “professional” review sites claiming Winter Oranges or Release were my first “departure” from contemporary. They weren’t. Fully one-third of my backlist consists of “departures” from my supposed “norm.”

But, I digress. Let’s just say, The Well is yet ANOTHER departure from my “normal” contemporaries. It’s a contemporary setting, but it also involves a haunted house, a team of professional paranormal investigators, and an unsolved missing person case.

Don’t worry. It’s also a story of reunited first loves.  🙂

It’s available for preorder now. You can find all of those details here.


It’s possible (although not definite) that three other authors will be writing follow-up stories set in the same town as The Well. If that happens, you will undoubtedly see Haven, Pierce, and Jordan again. But… I can’t really say for sure yet whether that will happen or not.

Other WsIP

(Read on for news on what else I’ve been working on.)

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