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30-Day Blogging Challenge, Day 30: Recap, and Looking Forward

finishlineWell, I made it through all thirty posts without missing a day. This last post will be a bit of a hodgepodge, but if you’ve followed along this long, you know that’s not necessarily anything new.


So, was the blogging challenge a success? Yes and no. Given that my primary goal was simply to give myself something to do each day, the answer is yes. The blogging challenge game me a reason to sit down at my keyboard after sending my kid off to school.

At the same time, the challenge was a failure. I hoped that forcing myself to write a bit each day would help jump-start my creativity, but it didn’t quite work. What I’ve learned is that blogging uses an entirely different part of my brain than writing stories. So although I had fun, I won’t be continuing with the “one post per day” theme.

What’s Next?

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30-Day Blogging Challenge, Day 8: Blind Space (With #Giveaway!)

Today is supposed to be “15 random facts about me.” I’ll never come up with that many, so I’m going to list a few random facts about my kinky space pirate novella, Blind Space.

Why Blind Space?

Limited Edition of Blind Space featuring the Italian cover art.
Limited Edition of Blind Space featuring the Italian cover art.

Mostly because it’s sitting here on my desk. I was recently granted permission by Triskell Edizioni (one of my Italian publishers) to use their lovely cover on a limited number of English paperbacks. The proof came yesterday, and I’ve been reading through it in bits and pieces. (It’s amazing how, no matter how many times I read through something, no matter how many editors and friends go through it, I *still* find typos every now and then!)

Now…. what facts can I share about Blind Space?

(FYI: Very mild, possibly NSFW photos below the cut.)

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What’s Up, Buttercup?

christmas decorationsIt’s almost Christmas, and I’m sure nobody will be surprised to hear that I’m not ready. Sure, I have a couple of gifts stashed in the closet, and the tree is up. But there are still tons of gifts left to buy, and I’m trying to balance deadlines with the knowledge that I won’t get a damn thing done while my kid is home for Christmas break, and honestly, I’d rather be sitting on the couch eating cookies and drinking eggnog and watching really bad horror movies. (I admit, I love the Halloween movie season so much more than the Christmas one, but I’ll survive.) But before I start racking up the empty calories and reveling in unrealistically gruesome deaths, I thought I’d be at least somewhat productive and do a little year-end wrap-up. 🙂

2014 turned out to be a very mixed bag for me. In many ways, it was a horribly disappointing year, but it also felt like a turning  point. I did a lot of whining early in the year, followed by some intense navel-gazing, and at some point during the summer, things just fell into place. For those who follow my blog, you probably read about this already. If not, you can learn a few more details here. But the short version of the story is, I’ve spent the last half of the year being more productive (and feeling better about that productivity) than I have in ages. I feel almost giddy with optimism (and those who know me well can tell you how completely out of character that is for me). The good news for my readers is, all that productivity is about to come to fruition. I have some really fun projects lined up for next year. I hate to wish the time away, but I just can’t wait to get the ball rolling on 2015.

Blind Space ItalianBut first, let me back up and tell you what I have coming in the last part of 2014. On December 22, an Italian translation of Cinder will be released by Triskell-Edizioni. The very next day, Strawberries for Dessert will be available in Italian from Dreamspinner IT. On January 20th, Triskell-Edizioni will release Blind Space. There are quite a few other translations lined up behind those, in several different languages, but those are the ones I have exact dates for, so far. Also, I think Promises might be out there somewhere in Japanese. I’m just dying to see that cover so if you stumble across it, let me know.

Anyway. For those like me who really need things in English:

I just finished re-releasing One More Soldier. Scroll back one post, if you missed that.

Chapter-5In the very near future, I’ll be re-releasing my short story Chapter Five and the Axe-Wielding Maniac. This story has been around for ages, but I decided it was time to give it a cover and distribute it. I’ll post it for free on Smashwords. I’ll post it for $0.99 on Amazon, because that’s the lowest price I’m allowed.* With any luck, they’ll price-match, and you’ll be able to get it for free from either vendor. The really exciting thing is, I’ve written a sequel! Chapter Five is very much a HFN ending. Now, Josh and Rad will get their HEA. The story is tentatively titled Apartment 14 and the Devil Next Door. It’ll be released in January. I’ll have pre-order links very, very soon. Details TBA.

In April, Dreamspinner will release Lost Along the Way as part of the Tales of the Curious Cookbook anthology, which includes Amber Kell, RJ Scott, Amy Lane, and Mary Calmes. Lost Along the Way is a really lighthearted, warm-fuzzies kind of novella. I had so much fun writing it, and I hope to have cover art soon.

In May or June, Dreamspinner will release Shotgun. In case you missed my announcement after GRL, Shotgun is part of the Coda series! A brand new couple, but you’ll get to see plenty of Matt, Jared, Zach, and Angelo. (Jon and Cole send their apologies, but they’re unable to make an appearance. They’re way too busy changing diapers and trying to remember how it felt to sleep through the night.) See here for more details on Shotgun.

I’m getting ready to start a Christmas story, which will be part of Riptide’s 2015 Holiday Bundle. The big question is, are you ready for some football? Because that’s where I’m going: hitting the gridiron with some professional football players. (American football, that is.) But don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of action both on and off the field.  😉

I haven’t finished Return yet. It’s the next thing on my list, after the football player. Ideally, I’ll be able to release it in March or so, but that’s probably unrealistic. Summer looks more likely. Maybe even fall. And as soon as I finish Return, I intend to start the spin-off to Lost Along the Way (because redeeming my antagonists has become my new favorite thing). But, knowing me, something else will come up and I’ll change my mind by then.

That’s it for now. However you celebrate the holiday season, I hope it’s wonderful and that all those calories magically disappear before hitting your thighs. (That’s my wish for myself as well. Fingers crossed.) Merry Christmas!

Oh. And…


at the game




*I know, I know. There are free books on Amazon all the time, so there must be a way. But it’s not as easy as one might think. I could spend an hour telling you all the ins and outs, but it’s boring. The TLDNR version: I can either publish the story as KDP Select, which means selling it exclusively on Amazon. If I do that, I must sell it (for real money, that is – not give it away for free)  for three months before being allowed to discount it to free, and even then, it’s for a limited time only. My other options is to post it to Smashwords for free and hope Amazon will price-match. I’m opting for the latter.