To Feel the Sun

It’s my birthday, and I’m celebrating by giving away a brand new short story! This is a very short little vignette, only about 2700 words, but I hope you enjoy it.

You can download the PDF here.

Download the ePub here.

Download the mobi (Kindle-compatible) version here.

(I’ve never done this before, so I sure hope that worked!)

I’ll also upload those files to Goodreads once I’m conscious and have my kid out the door and on her way to school. Go here for the GR page.

Before you run off to read, I’d like to remind you of two upcoming releases: Family Man is due out from Samhain on March 12, and Never a Hero will be available from Riptide on May 13. Both of those are available for pre-order now. I’m very excited about both of these books, so I hope you’ll add them to your TBR shelf. :-)

Thanks very much to all of my readers for your support over the last three years! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

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18 Responses to To Feel the Sun

  1. Nancy says:

    Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for To Feel the Sun….
    beautiful! I can’t wait for Family Man! Here’s to another year of inspired writing!

  2. HJ says:

    Happy birthday, and thank you!

  3. Elayne says:

    Hoping you have a lovely day. Happy Birthday.

  4. Sally halliday says:

    Happy birthday Marie xx

  5. Elaine G says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope it was a wonderful day….and Thank you for the short story, I am off to read now:)

  6. Phoenix Emrys says:

    Happy Birthday, dear. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  7. Elizabet says:

    Happy Birthday to one of my favourite authors. Your work brightens my life

  8. Joselyn says:

    Happy birthday from Peru :) , love your books

  9. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the short story. Very beautiful and touching.

    Happy Birthday, Marie! Hope you have had a wonderful day. :)

  10. VJ Summers says:

    ::sigh:: Beautifully written. ::sniff, sniff::

    The eroticism of the stroking of fingers and palm? ::shivers:: Magical. Thank you!

  11. bubz says:


    that was absolutely beautiful, Marie. got me a bit weepy.
    beautifully written



  12. Teddie says:

    Happy Birthday Marie!!

  13. Enny says:

    Wishing you a great birthday and a great next year!!!

    And thank you very much for this wonderful gift!

  14. Tiffany M says:

    I hope you have a wonderful Birthday. 40 isn’t too bad. I crossed over to the dark side two years ago. And I can honestly say that I love it. (But then again I don’t feel over 40.)

  15. Cynthia says:

    Happy Birthday, Marie! Thanks for the present!