Available Now: Roped In

RopedInGraham and his roping partner Jackson have ruled the rodeo scene for ten years running, but lately, Graham’s heart isn’t in the game. He’s tired of the bruises, the cowboy mentality, and the animal rights activists who picket every event. And then there’s Jackson.

Graham and Jackson have been friends since they were boys. But ever since their drunken sexual encounter the year before, things have been awkward. Graham’s accepted that he might be gay, but no matter how attracted he is to other men, he always panics and runs when the clothes start to come off.

Then Graham has a run-in with one of the rodeo protesters, and everything changes. Kaz is young, idealistic, and sexy as hell. And Kaz has an idea for getting Graham past his nerves and into bed.

All they need is a bit of rope.


Roped In is available now from Amber Allure. It will pop up at other vendors (Amazon, ARe, etc.) in the next week or two.

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Normal Enough is Available Now!

Normal Enough is now available from Amber Allure! It will arrive at other vendors (i.e., Amazon and ARe) sometime over the next couple of days.


Normal Enough is part of the Grease Monkeys Pax. The other stories in the Pax are:

Bored, Stroked And Blueprinted – KC Kendricks
Mechanics Of Love – D. J. Manly
Wrenching – Deirdre O’Dare
Wrenches, Regrets And Reality Checks – L. A. Witt

All five stories are available individually, but if you buy the entire Pax, you get a 25% discount. Also, Normal Enough and L.A. Witt’s story, Wrenches, Regrets and Reality Checks are set in the same garage. Lori’s story takes place about a year after mine.


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Introducing a New Pen Name: AM Sexton

After a great deal of debate, I’ve decided to publish Release under a slightly different pen name. I did not make this decision lightly. On the contrary, I’m sure I drove a few people absolutely nuts, hashing out the pros and cons again and again.

On one hand, starting over with a brand new pen name sounded daunting. And after all, Release does feature m/m themes. It’s not as if I’ll suddenly be publishing middle-grade graphic novels or upmarket women’s fiction under Marie’s name. And anybody who follows me on Twitter has already heard me talk incessantly about my dark, kinky, semi-cyberpunk. Everybody knows I’ve been working on this book for ages. So why not publish it as Marie?

I almost did. But I could already hear the angry cries of readers who bought Release expecting warm fuzzies and found cold, hard anger, instead. And that’s what really drove this decision. The truth is, Release is unlike anything I’ve ever written. The closest I’ve come is Oestend, or maybe Blind Space, but even those stories were gentle at heart. Even they had a seed of purity in their center. Release, though, is a different beast entirely. It’s dark and sexy, with corruption and a great deal of moral ambiguity at its core. It contains violent and graphic scenes that may be called dub-con. And although the overall arc of the series includes plenty of love, the first novel, Release, could never be called a romance.

In the end, after talking to close to a dozen of my friends about it, it was ZA Maxfield who finally convinced me. The best choice seems to be to somehow split the difference — publish the book under a new name, but one not too far removed from Marie. I decided on AM Sexton. I will continue to be absolutely open about the fact that AM Sexton and Marie Sexton are the same person, but I hope having a new name on the cover will underscore one very important point: THIS ISN’T CODA.

With all that being said, Release may not be a lighthearted romance, but it’s still me. I hope readers who decide to take a chance on this new series will find what they’ve come to expect from my work. I hope they’ll feel I’ve given them complex, emotional, well-developed characters, striving to make the best of a bad situation. I think my fans will see that I’ve poured my heart into this story. The name on the cover doesn’t change that. If you love genre mashups, darkly erotic AU, or extremely damaged heroes, I hope you’ll take a chance on Release.

Release will be published June of 2014. The sequel, Return, will be published in October of 2014.

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Cinder: 2nd Edition Available Now

Cinder is available now* on Smashwords and Amazon. It will appear at other vendors over the next few days.


*Cinder was originally released by Silver Publishing in 2012. This version has been re-edited, but the content is the same.

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Cover Art Extravaganza!

Two new covers in two days! And here they are:

NormalEnoughNormal Enough: A hot and sexy little fetish story, coming from Amber Allure on March 16th. 

And this unbelievably gorgeous cover by LC Chase:


Cinder, a sweet little re-telling of Cinderella.

(Note: Cinder was originally released in 2012 by Silver Publishing, but that contract has expired. I will re-release Cinder on February 18, 2014. If you find the old version lingering somewhere, please don’t buy it. If you’d like to read Cinder, please, please wait until February 18, when you can buy the version with THIS cover. Cinder has been re-edited, but the content is unchanged. If you bought it the first time around, there is no reason to re-purchase.)



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Guest Blogger: Caitlin Ricci

jackHello! Thank you for stopping by and spending a little time with me, Caitlin Ricci. Today I’d like to talk a little about some of the things I’ve learned since quitting my job and becoming a full-time author.

Since quitting my job to write full-time in October 2012 I’ve learned a bit and made some mistakes. The biggest thing that I did right though was to make writing a priority in my life. It became more than a habit, more than a need. It wasn’t something that I picked up when I had a quiet moment. When I quit writing became, and still is, something that I set aside time for. It is the hardest job I’ve ever had because it takes the most self motivation that I’ve ever pulled from myself.

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Book Blast: My Heartache Cowboy, by Z.A. Maxfield

Today, I’m featuring ZAM’s latest release, My Heartache Cowboy. Be sure to check below the cut for an excerpt, and a giveaway!

My Heartache Cowboy

(Cowboy Series, Bk #2)

By Z.A. Maxfield


Can love conquer all?

Jimmy Rafferty and Eddie Molina go way back at the J-Bar ranch. They’ve worked together, bunked together, camped out, and drank together. So how has Jimmy failed to notice that Eddie is gay? Eddie has not failed to notice that his friend has a serious drinking problem, and he’s determined to help Jimmy kick the booze cold turkey.

Taking him up to a snowbound cabin to detox, Eddie is confronted with Jimmy’s fierce denial. But the pains of withdrawal are nothing for Jimmy compared with the heartache of denying his true feelings and his deep longing…for the one man who cares for him more than anyone else on earth.

Available for purchase at

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It’s my Author Birthday! Plus, a Brand New Edition of Blind Space Coming Soon!

First of all, I’d like to point out that exactly four years ago today, my very first novel, Promises, was released by Dreamspinner Press. The four intervening years have flown by, and yet at the same time, it feels like it was ages ago that Matt and Jared first appeared in the world. I can’t believe how much has happened in that time. I’m so grateful that Dreamspinner decided to take a chance on me and my debut novel, and I’m grateful to each and every one of you who decided to give it a try.

In celebration of this, I’m giving away some paperbacks of Promises over on my Facebook page. Please leave a comment over there to enter.

In other news, I’ll be self-publishing a few things this year. I’ve been debating for months how much to say about this publicly. I’ll keep it short and sweet and simply say that the old edition of Blind Space is going away. Likewise, Cinder and One More Soldier. But Blind Space is up first. It will be disappearing from book stores very, very soon. In fact, it should have been gone as of yesterday. I’m sure it will take a while for that to happen everywhere, but once it does, I’ll be re-releasing Blind Space on my own. I already have this gorgeous cover.


It has been re-edited. Other than that, there are no major changes, so if you bought the first edition, there is no need to re-buy. But, if you haven’t bought Blind Space yet and are suddenly now interested in reading it, I’d like to ask you very politely to please wait until you can buy this version, with this cover. It should be soon. I’ll post here the minute it’s available.

Again, thanks very much to all of my readers for their ongoing support.

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Colorado Christmas: Stuffed French Toast!

Hello, and welcome to another Colorado Christmas post!


Years ago, my family decided to do away with the big Christmas dinner. Nobody wanted to cook after we’d spent all morning opening presents. And besides, the meal itself was too much like Thanksgiving. Instead, we started a new tradition: Christmas Brunch. My daughter (the only child in the entire family) gets her Santa gifts first thing in the morning. She plays with those while the adults finish off the cooking (much of it having been completed the night before). Then we stuff ourselves with french toast, eggs, ham, coffee and mimosas. And then, when my kiddo can’t stand waiting another minute, we open the rest of our gifts.

Today, I thought I’d share my recipe for Stuffed French Toast. I know I’ve shared it before, but it’s worth sharing again. I’ve adapted this from a recipe in my favorite cookbook, Colorado Collage.

  • Giant loaf of French bread, cut into 1-inch cubes
  • 1-2 8-ounce packages of cream cheese (original recipe calls for two, but I rarely use that much)
  • 12 eggs
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 can pie filling (whichever type you prefer), or 1 cup fresh fruit of your choice

Grease 13×9 inch baking pan. Place half of the bread cubes evenly over the bottom of the pan. Spread softened cream cheese over bread (or, cut chilled cream cheese into cubes and scatter over the layer of bread). Top with the can of pie filling (my family prefers blueberry, but we’ve also used cherry and raspberry, and I’m sure it would be fabulous with peach) or fresh fruit. Arrange remaining bread cubes over the top.

In large bowl, combine eggs, milk and maple syrup. Whisk to blend. Pour evenly over bread in the baking dish. Cover with foil and chill overnight.

Preheat oven to 350°. Bake, covered with foil, for 30 minutes. Remove foil and continue baking 30 minutes, or until puffed and golden brown. Serve with your favorite syrup.


Do you have any favorite holiday recipes? Share one (or just leave a comment) below, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for any ebook from my backlist. Also, be sure to check out the other stops on our tour for a chance to win more prizes. Yesterday’s post was at Carter Quinn’s blog, and tomorrow we’ll be at ML Rhodes’. You can see the entire schedule here. Also, be sure to stop by the Out in Colorado blog on the last day for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to your choice of ARe or Amazon.

Whatever you celebrate this season, I hope its full of joy and laughter.

Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!

Holy cow, how is it mid-December already? I haven’t bought any gifts, I still need to put up my tree, and my house is a friggin’ disaster! In fact, I haven’t even finished unpacking from our Thanksgiving trip yet.

Yeah. I’m a hot mess. Send alcohol, please.

Anyway, I wanted to share just a bit of news, before I get lost under a pile of dirty laundry, scotch tape, and ribbon.

On December 12th, I’ll be visiting the Amber Pax blog.

From December 13-22, I’ll be taking part in the Out in Colorado Christmas Blog Hop. Out in Colorado is a group of Colorado-based authors of GLBT fiction. We’ll have prizes and fun stuff along the way, so please follow along.

On the 17th, I’ll be visiting… a certain author’s blog. I think it’s supposed to be a secret, but if you find me on that day, you could win prizes. :-)

Last, but not least, I wanted to point out that I’ve updated the pages for my 2014 releases. (The ones I know about so far, at any rate.) They are: Normal Enough, Roped In, and Release. Check those pages out for more info. I’ll post cover art and release dates as soon as I have them.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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