Complete Book List

My entire list of works, listed by publication date. For buy links, click on the title. There are also details here about which order Coda books can be read in.


Promises (Coda) (Dreamspinner Press, January 8, 2010)

A to Z (Coda) (Dreamspinner Press, March 5, 2010)

The Promise (Coda) (free short story, March 2010)

The Letter Z (Coda) (Dreamspinner Press, May 12, 2010)

One More Soldier (First edition: Silver Publishing, July 17, 2010; Second edition, December 3, 2014 by Marie Sexton)

Strawberries for Dessert (Coda) (Dreamspinner Press, August 6, 2010)

Putting Out Fires (Coda short story) (Dreamspinner Press, February 14, 2011)

Paris A to Z (Coda) (Dreamspinner Press, April 6, 2011)

Between Sinners and Saints (Amber Allure, May 29, 2011)

Song of Oestend (Totally Bound, August 22, 2011)

Blind Space (First edition: Silver Publishing, Jan 7, 2012; Second edition, January 12, 2014 by Marie Sexton)

Chapter Five and the Axe-Wielding Maniac (published by Marie Sexton, January 2012, re-issued December 2015)

Cinder (First edition: Silver Publishing, Feb 4, 2012; Second edition: Feb 18, 2014, published by Marie Sexton)

Saviours of Oestend (Totally Bound, June 25th, 2012)

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: A Clandestine Classic (Totally Bound, July 30th, 2012)

Second Hand: A Tucker Springs Novel, by Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan (Riptide Publishing, September 10, 2012)

To Feel the Sun, free short story, available here (February 11, 2013)

Family Man, by Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan (Samhain Publishing, March 12, 2013)

Flowers for Him, by Marie Sexton and Rowan Speedwell (Totally Bound as part of the Promoted by the Billionaire anthology, April 1, 2013)

Never A Hero: A Tucker Springs Novel, (Riptide Publishing, May 13, 2013)

Fear, Hope, and Bread Pudding (Coda) (Dreamspinner Press, June 5, 2013)

Normal Enough (Amber Allure, March 16, 2014)

Roped In, by Marie Sexton and L.A. Witt (Amber Allure, April 20, 2014)

Release, written as A.M. Sexton (published by Marie Sexton, June 24, 2014)

Apartment 14 and the Devil Next Door, Jan 27, 2015 (published by Marie Sexton)

Lost Along the Way, (Dreamspinner Press, April 15, 2015)

Shotgun, (Coda) (Dreamspinner Press, May 29, 2015)

Return, written as A.M. Sexton (published by Marie Sexton, Aug 31, 2015)

Winter Oranges, (Riptide, November 30, 2015)


Do the Coda books have to be read in order?  Not necessarily.  You can start with any couple, but I’d recommend reading each couple’s stories in order. For an overly-wordy explanation of what order they can be read in, please go here.

20 Responses to Complete Book List

  1. Serj says:

    Dear Mary,
    My teacher of English encouraged me to read more, but it’s so boring …
    And only your novels made reading fun (luckily they do not translate into the Belarusian language).
    Many thanks for your wonderful work!!!

  2. Tiago says:

    So I’ve read Promises last weekend and I’ve just finished A to Z. I just have to say that you’ve quickly became one of my favourite authors and I can’t wait to read the rest of the Coda series and the rest of your work. Congratulations and thanks.
    I’d also like to ask if you plan on write more books into the Coda series and/or maybe even add a new couple to the series?

    • Marie Sexton says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, Tiago! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Coda series, and I hope you’ll continue to do so. Although those boys will always be close to my heart, I’m working on other things these days. :-) I have no plans to write more books in the series at this time.

      Thanks very much for stopping by!

  3. Teri-Ann says:

    I found out about the coda series when promises was made free on Amazon kindle and I swear have read that book at least 5-10 times! I fell in love with Matt and Jared and am going crazy wanting to read more in this series but unfortunately I don’t have a way too…its seriously heartbreaking…-.-

    • Marie Sexton says:

      Hi Teri-Ann! Thanks so much for your comment. I’m really glad you enjoyed Promises. I hope at some point, you’ll have a chance to check out the rest of the series. If you keep an eye on Dreamspinner’s site, they often have sales. There are also a few short stories available for free on my site, one of which (The Promise) is about Matt and Jared. You can find them on the right-hand sidebar. And if you happen to be on Twitter at all, you might find me there. There often seem to be free giveaways going on, if that helps at all. :-)

      Thanks again! I appreciate you stopping by.

  4. Belén says:

    Hello Marie!
    I readed “One More Soldier” some days ago. And I can’t stop to cry :'(
    I really really liked. But the end..oh god, why? :'(
    It’s a beautiful and tender story.
    You’re awesome, giving a magnific story in short pages. Thank you so much.
    And now I can only read the rest of your books, I bet will be great too.

    Cheers !

    • Marie Sexton says:

      Hi Belen, and thanks for your comment. I’m glad you liked the story, but sorry I made you cry. I’ve been told that story should come with tissues. LOL. The good news is, nearly all my other work comes with Happy Endings. :-)

  5. Rae-Ellen Vogeler says:

    I have read several books and just started to read Promises and was wondering if your books A to Z, Paris A to Z & Letter Z do they need to be read in order? Or could I read them as stand alones
    Thanks, Rae-Ellen

    • Marie Sexton says:

      Hi Rae-Ellen! Thanks for the question.

      If you look here, you’ll find a (rather long-winded) explanation of the order the books can be read in. Basically, each of the novels (Promises, A to Z, and Strawberries for Dessert) work as stand-alones. However, The Letter Z and Paris A to Z are specifically sequels to A to Z, so they don’t work as stand-alones. You wouldn’t want to read TLZ or Paris without reading A to Z first, but you can certainly read Strawberries without having read any of the A to Z books.

      Hope that answers your question. :-)


  6. Gemma says:

    Hi Marie,

    Can I just say, you are my idol (and, thanks to you, Heidi is as well). At the beginning of November last year, I searched for my first gay romance novel and found Promises, I read it, fell in love with Matt and Jared and then needed more. So I continued on, reading all of your Coda books in order and couldn’t believe that I could fall in love with another pairing. I couldn’t put your books down! Needless to say, I ran out of books and needed more so I dashed forwards and fell in love with Heidi’s work too. So I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for making my first experience with this genre a great one and for getting me well and truly hooked.

    I can honestly say, I am eagerly waiting for more.

    Thank you.

    Gemma xx

    • Marie Sexton says:

      Thanks so much, Gemma! I’m glad you’re enjoying our world. I always say, once you find m/m, you never go back. 😉

  7. Madison says:


    Do you have some recommendation on some books I go through one a day and it is getting harder to find ones I haven’t read based on amazons suggestion…. Any help would be great.


    • Marie Sexton says:

      My first recommendation would be the PsyCop series by Jordan Castillo Price, if you haven’t read those already. They’re fabulous. Other than that, I’d probably just recommend some of my friends: Heidi Cullinan and Rowan Speedwell are both great writers. I’ve also heard fabulous things about KA Mitchell, although I will confess, I haven’t read her books. You might also check out this list Heidi made:

      Hope that helps. :-)

  8. God Of Rage says:

    well, you might be surprised…but am a straight guy
    and I totally fell in love with your works..
    great job you did there… ^^
    My fav. at all
    Jared X Matt…
    Cole X Jonathan…
    I must re-read both about 20 times till now…
    and I still feel like reading them again…

    I love your stories drama style, and how you keep the sex depend on the LOVE and The Faithful connotation, you keep the details less and you wrote what’s important and to explain the picture simple and perfect…
    never boring…

    You Are Sure My Fav. Till Now…
    Have More Faith In You…
    Wish You The Best…


    • Marie Sexton says:

      Sorry for my late reply! As I said on Facebook, I’ve been in New Orleans! Anyway, thanks for your comments! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the books! I have a lot of fun with my Coda boys, and I’m glad they’re finding an audience, even among straight men.

      Thanks again! :-)

  9. Bubz says:

    LOL yes, Marie, I did 😀 Enjoyed them all very much.

    I’ve read all the Coda boys stuff at least once–and have read both From A to Z and the Letter Z twice now. I seem to have an affinity for Angelo :) and I love how different Angelo and Zach are from Jared and Matt (love them, too). Turned another friend onto the series, so you now have 2 new fans! Can’t wait for the Paris story.


    • Marie Sexton says:

      Hooray for new fans! Thanks so much, and I’m glad you liked the rest of the series. (I have an affinity for Angelo too.) :-)

  10. Bubz says:

    A friend pointed me to your Strawberries for Dessert story, which I “devoured” while sobbing through the last half, hoping for a HEA :)

    I will be purchasing the rest of your books/stories.

    I read a lot of M/M and count my fave authors as ZA Maxfield, Drew Zachary, Sean Michael, etc., etc.

    Thank you!